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Sterilize....Don't Euthanize!

The TNR Project is a 100% self-help & volunteer group of individuals who work full-time and practice Trap-Neuter-Return for stray, homeless, feral and community cats twice a week after work. By practicing TNR on the streets, we are helping to take shelters to No-Kill status. Learn to TNR and join our team!


One of our volunteers giving a kitten some love at an adoption event while he learns to trust that people can be good and loving….

One of our volunteers giving a kitten some love at an adoption event while he learns to trust that people can be good and loving….


volunteers make it happen

Volunteers are the life-blood of an organization. We can’t help the thousands of cats & kittens we do without people like you choosing to help us change their fate. You are so important to help our cause stay at the forefront of people’s minds. Whether you are a high school student needing community service hours, you want to help your community or you are a senior who wants to save lives, there is a volunteer spot for everyone. EVERYONE can DO SOMETHING!

TNR is so important and rarely known about by communities and vets alike. It is so important to help us spread the word that there IS help out there for people who are trying to take care of the forgotten felines who are struggling on the streets.

Please fill out our form below if you are interested in helping us take our fight to the streets and prove that TNR is the answer to the overpopulation problem swarming the shelters and causing unnecessary, countless deaths. Did you know that 80% of the animals who enter the shelter system are from the streets? We are hoping to take that number WAY down by utilizing our volunteers to educate , spread the word and help to perform TNR & community outreach.

Please select what you would like to volunteer for and one of our team members will be in touch shortly! Thank you for helping us to be able to continue to save lives every day. It takes a village and teamwork…thank you for choosing TNR to show you care.

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