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The TNR Project is a 100% self-help & volunteer group of individuals who work full-time and practice Trap-Neuter-Return for stray, homeless, feral and community cats twice a week after work. By practicing TNR on the streets, we are helping to take shelters to No-Kill status. Learn to TNR and join our team!


2015 TNR Stats = 1,023+ Cats & Kittens  (April-Dec)

2016 TNR Stats = 1200+ Cats & Kittens (Jan - Dec)  

2017 TNR Stats = 2200+ Cats & Kittens (total being tallied!) 

2018 TNR Stats = 61 + (as of 1.11.18)

Do you want a New Year's Resolution? Please join us & volunteer TODAY! You can help us make a difference in your community RIGHT NOW to those who are unwanted, abandoned, starving, pregnant & alone! Grab some friends, create a team and DO SOME GOOD!

Save a Stray, Save a Life!

The TNR Project....taking shelters to "no-kill" status in no time!

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