The TNR Project

Sterilize....Don't Euthanize!

The TNR Project is a 100% self-help & volunteer group of individuals who work full-time and practice Trap-Neuter-Return for stray, homeless, feral and community cats twice a week after work. By practicing TNR on the streets, we are helping to take shelters to No-Kill status. Learn to TNR and join our team!

TNR Registration: 

1. Register your colony with FixNation (this is the clinic where all cats are TNR’d) :


2. Take the online training course in the email they send you (approx 30-40 minutes) through to completion

3. When you are done & receive your confirmation, join our vanpool by emailing us that you have completed training & we will get you on board immediately!

4. If you feel you need to speak with someone and have some questions answered, please fill out the form below and tell us about yourself, your colony and what is going on. 


* Free Trap Rentals + Trap Covers

* Free Van Ride To & From FixNation 2x/Week

  • Free Appointments for Spay/Neuter/Vaccinations

* Support Group & New Friends

* Low Cost Vaccines, FELV/FIV Testing, Flea Meds, Worming, Microchips & Nail Trims for Fosters

* Access to Adoption Groups & Social Media If You Foster Street Cats & Kittens

If you are currently "out in the field" working with community/stray/feral cats, please come and join us either on the vanpool or at events. We'd love to meet you!

Thank you for caring, rescuing & stepping up to DO SOMETHING about our feral, stray & community cats! By performing TNR, you are keeping countless cats & kittens OUT of the shelter system & YOU are saving lives!  The fight to is ON THE STREETS and we are there proving TNR is the answer to going “No-Kill”. Join the TNR Movement!

Over 5+ million births prevented since our beginning in April 2015...and counting…

Big Kitty Love!

The TNR Project Team Members

Date *
Colony Address
Colony Address
This will tell us if any other volunteers are in that area or have possibly trapped here or near here before.
We ask that people TNR their own colonies first. Then, if you decide you'd like to help more cats in your neighborhood, you can volunteer & choose your own schedule. (Ex: 1x/week, 2x/month, etc). We always have elderly and industrial areas that need extra help to perform TNR who can greatly use some help. We also welcome girl scouts, boy scouts or high school animal club teams!
TNR is rarely known about and we are desperately trying to change that! We'd love to know how you learned about TNR!
Please tell us how you heard about The TNR Project
If you feed, trap for or care for a colony, you are considered the caregiver.
Name *
Phone *
Caregiver Address
Caregiver Address
We always welcome those who want to do good in their neighborhoods & save lives! We recommend you get a team together for safety and get started!
Are neighbors complaining about the cats in your neighborhood or threatening to call animal control?
What are the complaints: Excess food, poop, yowling, spraying, litters of kittens, etc.
Tell us about your colony
Please tell us if you have utilized another volunteer trapper to begin TNR previously and/or if you have been taking cats into a private vet for spay/neuter/TNR
If so, please let us know who and when. Why are you no longer utilizing this person to finish the colony?
If so, please tell us with whom.
If so, please explain below:
Male cats can come from all over in search of females. Once TNR is performed, a lot of times, they return home.
Kittens generally begin eating on their own around 5 weeks of age.
Kittens need to be at least 10 weeks old/2 lbs to withstand surgery.
A lot of people don't realize these kittens can't go into the shelter system or they face euthanasia. If a foster can be provided, these kittens can have a chance off the streets and in a home.
Do you have reliable transportation to and from a local vanpool so these cats/kittens can have a free ride to and from the L.A. clinic? This generally means transport in the morning before 7am and pickup between 4:30-5:30pm.
Cats need to be in traps for 24 hours after surgery and monitored for any adverse reactions to anaesthesia and/or vaccines. They need a safe, warm, protected environment to recover in free of ants and predators before their release. This is where family & neighbors can help out with a garage, a bathroom, etc for 24 hours.
Please tell us what you are aiming to achieve with this colony: stabilization, adopting out kittens, etc.
FixNation does not take any collapsible traps, pet carriers or boxes for the safety of the cats.
Please tell us which traps you have so that we can let you know if they are approved or not. The trap loaning program is free with a credit card on file in case of theft or damage.
Cats are not allowed to be transported on motorcycles, trunks (unless seats fold down for air) or open bed trucks. They must be protected at all times.
It is what it is....but it will BECOME what you make it.
Make the difference!

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