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Sterilize....Don't Euthanize!

The TNR Project is a 100% self-help & volunteer group of individuals who work full-time and practice Trap-Neuter-Return for stray, homeless, feral and community cats twice a week after work. By practicing TNR on the streets, we are helping to take shelters to No-Kill status. Learn to TNR and join our team!

abandoned, starved, trapped, socialized & ready for a loving home!!!

Rescued cats are special. They bond with their humans like no other pet. Some of them are shy at first because they’ve been through hell….but once you’ve been patient and show them that not all people are evil, you will be so thrilled with your new family member! They know that they have been saved and they return the love ten-fold! Won't you offer up your love and a second chance for an "unwanted"? Be a hero.

Recycle...Adopt a Homeless Cat or Kitten!

Please fill out one of our Adoption Applications if you are interested in taking one of our rescued, socialized, loving, street cats into your home! Most of the time, most of the cats & kittens we come across are not able to be socialized and it’s too late for them. However, there are special ones we run across who have already been socialized & left behind or the kittens are still small enough to be given a chance off the streets.

A normal street life span for a feral/stray/community cat is 3-5 years. We are blessed every day when we are able to have a foster offer up their time, their home, a room, a dog kennel and funds to socialize kitties whom are unwanted & living on the streets. We are even more rewarded when we are able to offer them up to loving, wonderful people who recognize the importance of saving a life and who want to welcome these cats & kittens into their homes. These are the "unwanteds"..... 

Adopt-A-Pet: You can also see our adoptable cats which are ready to give you a lifetime of love and appreciation for being pulled from dire situations on the streets on Adopt-A Pet here!

Adoptions: Our volunteer fosters and their cats can also be seen at local adoption events at locations who support TNR! Please check our Events calendar for more information & upcoming dates!

Come say hello & register to bring TNR to your community TODAY!! Learn how to make a difference by registering & joining our trap teams to be a part of the solution, not the problem. We TNR twice a week and you can help out weekly or monthly...we work with your schedule!

* NOTE: Unfortunately, we are not a rescue. There are a ton of rescues available to help you and not enough people who perform TNR. TNR performs many benefits which helps cats & kittens in many ways: 

  • TNR keeps many kittens out of the shelter system (80% of all shelter cats/kittens come from the streets), thereby allowing the kittens in the shelter a way better chance of getting into a home instead of a one way trip to the euthanasia room.

  • TNR keeps kittens off the streets where they are subject to humans, coyotes, cars, disease, other predators, suffering and starvation.

  • TNR keeps the population down so fosters (who are impossible to find), are not needed. Because the females are spayed, we reduce the litters born by huge numbers. One female can have 20+ kittens per year. Do the math!

  • TNR has taken shelter intake numbers down locally by 40% in one year alone! It works!

These are all cats & kittens who have been trapped, socialized and pulled from colonies living on the streets. If you need a local rescue, please look at our Resources page under Rescues or Google "cat rescues" with your zip code. We do not and can not take or relocate cats or kittens. Thank you for your understanding.

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