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The TNR Project is a 100% self-help & volunteer group of individuals who work full-time and practice Trap-Neuter-Return for stray, homeless, feral and community cats twice a week after work. By practicing TNR on the streets, we are helping to take shelters to No-Kill status. Learn to TNR and join our team!

How Much Do You Care?

get the THE FACTS

FACT: Kittens can begin breeding at 4 months of age (16 weeks)

FACT: A nursing mama cat can go into heat when kittens are 4 weeks old

FACT: A cat goes into heat every 2 weeks until she is pregnant

FACT: Female cats will have their litter within 64 days of becoming pregnant (2 months + 4 days)

FACT: A male cat can travel up to 10 miles a day for a female

FACT: The normal life of a feral cat is roughly only 3-5 years due to all the dangers of living outside (predators, people, traffic, elements)

** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can get within 3 feet of a mama cat, 9 times out of 10 she is someone's pet! Please knock on doors on your block and the blocks around you. If mama had her kittens in your yard, she felt it was SAFE! Please don't give away or call animal control on someone's kitty! When the time is right, we have the resources for you to help your neighbor get mama cat fixed. Please contact us if this is the case and we will get you to the right spot! Thank you for caring!!!


  • We absolutely DO NOT trap for euthanization!
  • We also do not trap and "remove" from the premises 
  • We are not a 501c3 and do not receive donations or grants
  • We are not a rescue and if you are looking for a spot to "dump" kittens, we are not it.
  • We are not a transport. Only if we have some free time, can we help you trap for you to transport. Our priority is TNR.
  • We are not a foster group, however we are always looking for rescues/foster for kittens we trap on the streets

** IMPORTANT NOTE:  A lot of concerned people call who have had a mama cat give birth in their yard.  If you can get within 3 feet of a mama cat, 9 times out of 10 she is someone's pet! Please knock on doors on your block and the blocks around you (especially behind you). If mama had her kittens in your yard, she felt it was SAFE!

Please don't give her or the kittens away or call animal control on someone's kitty! When the time is right, we have the resources for you to help your neighbor get mama cat fixed. If you feel the cat is a friendly stray, please have them scanned by a vet for microchip. Thank you for caring!!!


The TNR Project's focus is solely on TNR.  There are very few people who know about and perform TNR, however, there are hundreds of rescues where we are. We let the rescues pull shelter cats for adoption. We tackle the main reason why there are so many shelter cats to pull.....unwanted kittens & abandoned cats. It is our sole focus to make sure that we prevent these unwanted births by tackling the source....abandoned cats left to breed, live and die on the streets.

We fix both cats and communities. Animals are being abandoned in record numbers. Instead of flooding the shelters and the rescues which are full, we encourage people to have these cats TNR'd and foster the kittens. We firmly believe that we are ground zero for helping the shelters become NO KILL. Most of the cats & kittens we end up TNR'ing would have immediately been euthanized in the shelter system. By preventing unwanted births and stabilizing the colonies that have been left behind, we are keeping the intake numbers down, thereby allowing shelters to focus on people who surrender and those who need spay/neuter for personal pets.  We fix communites by pulling people together to tackle the problem, explain how cats are beneficial to their communities and provide the way to resources for everyone to benefit from...people and cats.

  • We have people start a feeding schedule to get an accurate number of how many cats there are who need TNR
  • We have people make a checklist of the colony cats (colors, ages, length of fur, who's pregnant) 
  • We have people line up a foster for any kittens who have a chance to be pulled from the streets & socialized (rescues, friends, family)
  • We schedule a time for TNR once their colony is consistent on Wednesday and/or Thursday
  • We perform TNR using FixNation's highly successful protocol 
  • We knock on doors and talk with neighbors to find "the source" of the colonies in the neighborhood
  • We have handouts with tips & tricks on how to deal with issues to keep neighbors happy

TNR TRAINING & VOLUNTEERING: We get people involved!! We have 3-4 TNR classes a year so people can go one-on-one and meet others like them who feed, TNR and foster. We work with FIxNation to teach people how to TNR correctly and get them out into the field immediately.

If you prefer learning online and want to get started immediately, we encourage you to register with FixNation and complete their 40 minute online training. FixNation has traps available to borrow. People who train with us or FixNation can join our vanpool which is FREE, twice weekly to help you tackle your colony quickly. We encourage everyone to stabilize their own colony first before helping others with their colonies.  

We really encourage people to do the online training so they know what to expect and what we do in their own time and for future issues. We like to empower people so they never feel helpless and they always know where to go. We have put together the resources, now use them! 

It's much easier for 30 people to clean up 30 colonies in ONE WEEK, than it is for ONE volunteer to do 30 colonies in 30 weeks! 

who we are

The TNR Project is a grassroots community group of independent volunteer and self-help trappers in the San Gabriel Valley. We have been professionally trained & educated by FixNation on the humane practice of TNR . We aid weekly in ending the overpopulation of unwanted cats & kittens and are convinced that TNR is the true road to No Kill Shelters. It starts on the streets and that's where you'll find the dirt, the trenches, the dumpsters and bushes. We are regular people who decided to do something to help end the suffering of cats/kittens on our streets! We wholeheartedly support the Community Cat Movement and won't stop until there are no more cats & kittens being born on the streets to suffer.

We are 100% volunteers. We work full time. We have families. We are students. We are disabled.  We've decided that TNR is a solution we are passionate about. We TNR twice a week, every week consistently. We all bring together resources to aid our local community trappers helping them to effectively TNR their neighborhoods. We are always educating the public how very important a TNR program is to our community, stray & homeless cats. We lean heavily on our local rescues & foster groups who help foster these "unwanteds" . We very much appreciate those who will take the time to socialize these cats & kittens so they may then be put up for adoption to find their forever homes! 

We are always in need of fosters & volunteers who want to help make THE difference in their community. Have you always wanted to volunteer and do some good, but didn't know what you would enjoy to do? If you're a cat lover, you've hit the jackpot! If you are interested in volunteering or fostering, please fill out a Contact Us form and we will be in touch! 

other ways to volunteer

There is no such thing as an "average" volunteer...we are ALL extraordinary and go above & beyond! We have volunteers from 14 years old to 70+ years old! You'd be amazed at how many cats & kittens one volunteer can help each week and how many births that prevents. What our volunteers do: 

  • TNR
  • Return phone calls
  • Share cats/kittens for adoption or available to foster on social media
  • Educate the public
  • Make trap covers
  • Graphic design
  • Foster (When Rescues are Full)

We encourage you to read our Resources page if you are looking for help and our Events page to get involved. These cats & kittens are not trash and many die horrifically at the hands of humans, predators, traffic, starvation and the elements. Some people use them as dog fighting bait and others as snake food. Please DO NOT use Craigslist to find homes for your pets. Please do the responsible thing and step up to end the tragedy in your neighborhood. Get educated. Ask for help. Find a way. Stop the breeding, continue feeding and flaunt your eartip! 

Big Kitty Love!




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